Google Adwords

Google adwords gets your copmany infront of the right people and can generate leads for you. With PPC or with video/shopping ads we can get you where you need to be.


Have your ads appear on all devices securing your possible conversions.

Ad Placements

We make sure your ad appears where you want it, from shopping, search, or all across the internet.

Focus On Leads

We use multiple tools to get you the leads you want. From LeadPages, to simple landing pages. We have all the tools to help you succeed.


Our reporting is simple, open, and honest. We give you a link where you can log in and see all your data live, 24/7. We teach you what to look for so you wont be lost. Plus you get monthly reports + meeting.

Adwords Overview


How can Adwords help my business?

Have you ever used Google to find information about a product or service? If you answered “yes,” then you’re not alone. In fact, most shoppers go online to find information, compare products/services, and read reviews before ever contacting a business.

Have you ever searched for products or services online from you smartphone? With over 160 Million smartphone owners in the U.S., little to no exposure on mobile devices can mean your business is losing out on potential customers. If people can’t find you online, it will be even harder to generate revenue.

Google AdWords provides a variety of benefits to advertisers and is just one of the many essential digital marketing techniques companies are using to maintain a competitive edge. A few of the benefits of Google AdWords include:

  • Immediate exposure – Your ad can show in the top 5 results on a Google search results page
  • Reach – Show  your potential customers relevant, targeted ads in a timely manner when they search Google for your products, services or business
  • Geotargeting – Ensure you are targeting your ads to the right geographic locations
  • Reporting – Google AdWords reporting lets you determine which keywords are or are not working, the click-through-rate of your ads and much more
  • Budgeting – Google AdWords works well for all budget types and gives you the ability to manage your bids and budgets

What We Do For You


We walk you through the steps of how PPC, CPC, and CPA work, what you should expect and more.

Ad placement

Ad placement if a very crucial step to getting you the conversions you need. Setting up your ads all across the internet has never been easier.


Tangent focuses on the market that is specific for you, getting you in front of the people that you want to advertise in front of.

One on one consulting

We consult with you to make sure we know where you want your ads to be places, what the audience looks like and more.

Transparent change

Every change we make is to only help you. We are transparent with you, giving you access to see our progress and see what we can change.

Personalized Strategy

Every strategy we make is custom built for every single client. We don’t use a one-size fits all strategy. We make a custom one just for you and that is built on success.

Need Team Training?

Call us and we can set up times where we can teach your team how to help you capture the best leads possible.