Case Study

This case study is for the home painting company based in Southern Arizona: Ivan’s Painting. 


Landing Page Conversion Optimization

We have set up Ivan’s Painting with key features that make it easy for anyone to go in, request a quote and have any questions answered within the first 45 seconds of landing on a page.

With a built in chat function, we have see a higher conversion rate due to people having questions & meetings set up live with the actual owner.

Project summary

Ivan’s Painting came to Tangent Digital Agency requesting a brand new website, with full on SEO, SEM, and a PPC marketing plan. We spent weeks planning and coming up with the best design that generated leads but doesn’t sacrifice visuals.

The Strategy

The main strategy for Ivan was to get him ranking higher than his competitors in both organic and in PPC. Our strategy consisted of hours upon hours of research of that specific field. Coming up with multiple copy of each page to see which not only looked best but also had the most SEO value. The main goals to complete for Ivan’s Painting were: 

  • Increase of organic traffic 
  • Increase in Leads generated from the site
  • increase in calls 
  • Increase of PPC leads 
  • Best Visually site 
  • Increase of SEO Value

Proven Results

With all these key features in mind, and the site being built with speed, optimization, SEO, and digital marketing in mind we saw an increase of over 300% in search traffic. This includes organic, search, and referral. We saw an outstanding decrease of 20% in the bounce rate and the reason for that was the direct and narrowing down our user base to those which actually convert and are there for whats needed. With the SEO plan we included in the site, Ivan’s Painting now ranks in the top 5 for the top 7 keywords in his line of work. When all is said in done the thing that matters the most is leads. We saw an increase of over 220%. With 2-5 leads coming in each day, we are glad to say Ivan’s Painting was a major success! 


Search Traffic


Bounce Rate

Top 5 Keywords


Online Leads

Tangent Digital Agency has brought tons of success to our business in the digital world. From our PPC to SEO we have seen nothing but increase. 

Ivan Verduzcio



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